ABA Conference panel: Shifting stories to create meaning

In April this year Sam presented at the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Conference in Washington DC.  She was part of a panel of international conflict coaching specialists (Sam from Australia, Cinnie Noble from Canada, Michael West from New York and Dr Cindy Mazur from Washington DC).  The panel discussed using coaching to shift conflict stories to create and claim more meaning.

My new book: Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law

My new book, Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law, co-authored with Olivia Rundle and Damien Riggs, will be released by Thomson Reuters in June this year.  You can pre-order the book in paper or ebook format here.Sex Gender Sexuality Law

In the past decade, people whose bodies, genders or sexualities differ from socially expected norms have become more visible and have been granted greater recognition within the law.  Yet despite this, many service providers do not have a strong understanding of the social and legal issues that continue to have a significant impact on these diverse groups of people and their relationships and families. In order to address this knowledge gap, this book brings together research findings from often disparate disciplines into an accessible and useful form for practitioners, as well as for researchers, academics, students, and the general public. Part one defines key terms, and addresses the psychosocial and legal issues faced by trans or gender diverse, intersex, and/or non-heterosexual individuals. Part two looks at the psychosocial and legal aspects of couple relationships. Part three considers parenting and families. Part four discusses practical tips for professionals working with this client group, including specific content for lawyers and mediators. As a whole, this book both questions the presumed neutrality of the law, yet insists that it is possible for the law to play a key role in challenging cisgenderism and heterosexism.


Parentage and the Law

The recently released Family Law Council report on Parentage and the Law quoted from my article (co-authored with my colleague Olivia Rundle) “Australian Birth Certificates: The Best Interests of No One at All” and made recommendations in line with our suggestions that birth registration processes in Australia need to be reviewed. Townsville Bulletin 2 OCT 2012_Page_2

How to unravel a western conflict narrative

Aled Davies of Mediator Academy interviewed me about my work on conflict narratives and the video is now available for viewing here.

The interview will help you identify typical patterns in conflict stories, including standardised plots, characters and their relationships.  You will learn how you can intervene both as a mediator and as a coach to help people move away from these dysfunctional conflict narratives and to re-write their stories into one in which the can more constructively manage the conflict.

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