Specialist Expertise

Conflict Coaching
Sam is a Principal of Conflict Coaching International and the founder of the REAL
Conflict Coaching System. She provides conflict support services and training in
Australia, Hong Kong, South East Asia and the Pacific, both in person, by telephone
and online.

Sam is a Nationally Accredited Mediator under the Australian Standards and a
Certified Transformative Mediator by the US Institute of Conflict Transformation.
She practices primarily in the workplace context, and in the university sector.
She also conducts mediation training for a number of university programs and
private organisations.

Managing conflict in the university sector
Sam provides conflict coaching, mediation and training to support staff and students of universities to effectively manage conflict. She is engaged in ongoing research about conflict in the Higher Degree Research student/supervisor relationship and has presented on this topic at a number of international conferences.

Sex, gender and sexuality support
Sam has been actively involved in supporting and advocating for sex and gender diverse, and non-heterosexual  individuals for the past 12 years, including six years on the Board of the Tasmanian Council for AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases, and developing the progressive Significant Personal Relationships legislation in Tasmania. She provides conflict coaching and mediation services to sex and gender diverse and non-heterosexual clients, as well as conducting training for practitioners who work with diverse clients and non-traditional couples and families.  Sam is the lead author of the book  Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law: Social and Legal Issues Facing Individuals, Couples and Families (2016) co-authored with Olivia Rundle and Damien W Riggs.