Conflict is inevitable and has an important role to play as a catalyst for change and development on a personal, business and community level. What makes conflict a positive or negative experience is the way in which it is managed. I am committed to supporting individuals and organisations to
develop proactive and constructive approaches to conflict,
in order to minimise the risk and maximise the opportunities it presents.

Conflict Support
Sam provides a range of conflict support services including conflict coaching,
mediation, facilitation, and advice about developing and improving workplace
and university conflict management systems. More information about mediation and conflict coaching.

Facilitation for meetings and consultation
Sam can help you design a facilitation process tailored to ensure that your meeting or consultation is most likely to achieve your aims. She is also available to facilitate strategic planning meetings, executive meetings, management meetings, and stakeholder consultations.

For over 20 years Sam has taught a range of conflict management and resolution
courses and workshops to undergraduate and postgraduate university students and people from private and public organisations. She has been recognised as a leader in the field of education and training. She has postgraduate qualifications in adult learning and has received a number of teaching awards including University Teaching Excellence Awards, a National Carrick Citation for an Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning and an appointment as a Fellow of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australia. More information about training.

Reflective Supervision
Reflecting on one’s practice as a mediator or conflict specialist is essential for continued professional development and learning. It is also an essential part of developing artistry in practice. Sam provides reflective supervision for groups and individuals. Supervision can take place in person, by telephone, or online.