Join me in working towards
a peaceful future

Conflict specialist, mediator, facilitator, coach, trainer

Dr Samantha Hardy

I believe that peace is not the absence of conflict. Rather, peace is what happens when we manage conflict well. When we engage with conflict in our lives with courage and integrity, we create an opportunity for creativity, learning and growth. We also build connections and improve relationships. My mission is to make conflict no longer a dirty word. My passion is to help people develop their skills and confidence to manage conflict well so that they can create a peaceful future in all aspects of their lives.

Work with me!

I support individuals and organisations to work towards a peaceful future in their workplaces, their families and their communities. I do this through coaching, mediation, facilitation and training, or a combination of these – I design a process to support your particular needs.

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I provide one-on-one support for individuals who are experiencing conflict, or who are managing others in conflict. This coaching helps you increase your courage and skills to effectively manage conflict now and into the future.

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Mediation / Facilitation

I support people to have challenging conversations about the things that really matter. I can help you to prevent unnecessary conflict, and to manage conflict when it does arise in a way that maximises the opportunities it creates and minimises the risks.



I am passionate about building people's knowledge and skills to manage conflict effectively. I train small and large groups of people, face-to-face and online. I design training to meet the needs and learning styles of participants.

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